Ogyen Choling museum

Ogyen Choling Museum

A special feature of our tour itinerary is a visit or short stay at Ugyen Choling, the proprietor's ancestral home in Tang valley of Bumthang district. The old estate and manor which dates back to over a century, today houses the Ogyen Choling museum which is the first, and so far only private museum in Bhutan.

The Paro Tsechu festival

Selecting a Tour Itinerary

The first step towards getting to Bhutan is to select a suitable tour itinerary. Various sample itineraries are set out in our Tour Itinerary page. After you have looked through them, we encourage you to contact us so that we can provide any additional information that might help you to make a selection. Alternatively, and even better, we would be more than happy to assist you to draw up a customized tour that will best suit your particular interests or needs.

The Paro Tshechu festival

Festivals in Bhutan

Festivals in 2015

The biggest festivals in Bhutan are the annual religious celebrations known as 'Tshechu'. The two biggest Tsechus in Bhutan are the ones held in Paro - usually about March or April, and in Thimphu around September or October. However, there are many smaller Tsechus and festivals in other places some of which often feature unique dances and performances that cannot be seen elsewhere.