Visa Requirements

Other than for nationals of India, Bangladesh and the Maldives, all other foreigners coming to Bhutan are required to have a valid Bhutanese visa. Since Bhutan maintains resident embassies and missions in only a few countries, all visas are issued in Thimphu by the Department of Immigration (DoI). Although this may seem rather daunting, the process is in fact quite simple and straightforward. All that you will need to do is to send us a scanned copy of your passport (in JPEG, PDF or PNG format), and we will do the rest.

All tourist visa applications must be submitted electronically to the TCB by the tour operator. The TCB will endorse the visa application after verifying that full tour payment has been received. Once the visa is approved by the DoI it will issue a 'visa clearance" which we will collect and send you by email or fax. You should print this to show at the check-in counter at the port of embarkation for your flight to Bhutan. Although the airline would normally have already received a copy of your visa clearance, it is always better to be doubly sure since the airlines do not permit foreigners without a visa clearance to board their flights to Bhutan.

The actual visa will be stamped in your passport at the immigration counter in Paro airport, or at the border entry point if entering by road. Visas are granted for an initial stay of 14 days. If the duration of your tour itinerary is more than 14 days we will process your visa extension through the TCB.

There is a Visa Fee of US$ 40 per person for a 14 day stay which is included in the tour payment. The visa extension fee is Nu. 510.

Customs Regulations

Bhutan has perhaps the most stringent anti-tobacco laws. The sale and purchase of tobacco and tobacco products within the country is prohibited and the law prohibits smoking in most indoor and outdoor public places.. You may bring a maximum of 1 carton (200) cigarettes or 30 cigars for your personal consumption subject to payment of 200% duty. There is a duty free allowance of 2 litres of liquor. The export of antiques and wildlife including plants, is prohibited. If you happen to purchase a souvenir that looks old you should let us know so that we can have it verified as a non-antique by the appropriate authorities if necessary.